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Pet Pharmacy

Western Trails Veterinary Center has a full-service, in-house pharmacy for your pet’s health needs, with prescription refills available for various items and dietary restrictions.

Pet Pharmacy in Edgewood, NM

At Western Trails Veterinary Center, we recognize how vital it is to have easy access to the medications your dog or cat requires. We maintain an ample supply of veterinary medicines on hand so that they can be given to your dog or cat as soon as possible. We carry the equipment and pharmaceuticals your pet needs for preventative medicine or post-surgical recovery.

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Pet Pharmacy

You may count on us for all of your drug needs, whether you have a short-term or chronic disease. When you order pharmaceuticals from our pharmacy, you can be confident that they were received from reputable sources and maintained in optimal conditions. Our qualified veterinarian staff will fill your prescriptions with care and attention to the individual needs of your pet. You can rely on us to give you accurate prescription information for your pet, including precise dosing instructions and any potential drug adverse effects or interactions. Also, if you have any issues with your medication, we are here to help.

Western Trails Veterinary Center can meet your pet’s nutritional and medical requirements. Because we have a full-service pharmacy on-site, we can fill our patients’ prescriptions in one visit with the diagnosis, saving you time and providing your pet with speedier treatment and relief.